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Long Beach Shavings Company has been a well-known name since we first opened our doors in 1926. We have been providing animal bedding to feed stores, stables and farmers nationally and internationally for the past 90 years and pride ourselves on our environmentally friendly approach. We work with all organic products to ensure that every resource is being used and not wasted.

Most of our wood shavings are used on local farms as bedding for cows, pigs, horses, chickens and other types of farm animals. We have mills conveniently located in Canada, Washington and Texas but can provide wood shavings to farms all over the county. We are set up for delivery as well as pick up.

Popular Products

Tex Pak

TexPak is a beautiful medium/large flake shavings...

Premium Pak

Premium Pak is our top of the line Western Red mix wood shavings...


Highly screened, light and fluffy flakes. Beautiful wood shavings, very absorbent...

Pellet Pak

Our Pellet Pak is great for base layer of your stalls...

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Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

Well maybe not quite lions and tigers but horses, pigs and chickens deserve the best. Healthy animals are a product of their environment. No matter what type of farming you are doing, we know that your animals are important and the well being of your business mostly depends on how healthy your animals are. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality shavings for your animals bedding. Our shavings are suited for pigs and chickens, cows and horses, and everything in between. Although we are located in Texas we have mills centrally located and on the west coast, and also offer delivery options all over the U.S.